Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Grays Ath bosses looking at "Option for new stadium in Grays".

GRAYS ATH owner, Andy Swallow met with The Blues faithful on Saturday at Mill Field before the match against Enfield to outlines his plans for the club going forward.

In what has been a difficult few weeks for the club, the board looked to ease supporters worries by holding an open meeting.

Following that meeting the club can now announce that Grays Athletic have agreed a deal with our currents landlords Aveley FC and will ground share with them for the 2015/16 season. We would very like to thank everyone involved at Aveley FC for their kindness and generosity but we especially would like to thank Craig Johnson.

The club are very pleased to announce that Mark Bentley will remain as manager of the squad for the remainder of the season. Mark has coped and managed extremely well since taking over the position. He has the support of the players and supporters alike and everyone would like to wish him well in his new role.

The club will be working hard to raise the profile of Grays Athletic. Gates have not been great this season, but the board alongside the supporters trust will be working hard to get supporters back and watching the Blues.

This year marks the 125th anniversary for the club. There has been some evidence bought forward that has suggested that the club was actually formed in 1888. However after careful consideration the club would like to suggest that the year of 1890 was chosen for a reason by the founders of the club, and as such we will celebrate that year as our 125th Anniversary. We are hoping to run some special events throughout the year starting with a high profile pre season match. Many possibilities have been suggested, there is a possibility of a Grays athletic 11 v Grays Athletic Legends match. It is nearly ten years since the club won the FA Trophy and we will be looking to get some old face down to Mill field.

Following the decision by the government to throw out the Fire brigade ground development the club have found themselves at a cross roads. As you are all aware by now there was hope that the approval of the application would have led to a return to Grays for the Blues. For various many reasons this was not to be. As announced earlier the club will play at Aveley for the 2015/16 season. The club are currently looking at a possible option for a new stadium in the Grays area. We cannot at this point in time give any more information as talks are ongoing. It is the aim of Andy Swallow to return the club to Grays, this however will take time and patience. There are many twists left in the road in this process but the club will be working hard with Thurrock council to achieve its goals.

Above all else is survival. The club have been through some difficult times in the past few years, we have however surprised many by somehow managing to pick ourselves up and defy the odds. Going forward we hope to be in Grays within the next few years. This will take a lot of time and planning but with the support of our wonderful supporters and the determination of the board, our goals will be achievable.


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