Saturday, October 1, 2022

UKIP councillor Robert Ray presents his lottery findings to council

THURROCK Council officers have been told to investigate whether £10,000 can be found to continue investigations into creating a council-run lottery in the borough.

UKIP Cllr Robert Ray had put forward a motion to council and chaired a member group looking into the proposal, and he presented the initial report to cabinet on Wednesday (11 January) evening.

He told members that after five meetings he thought to proposal would succeed in the long run, but that £10,000 was needed. He did not foresee the council running the lottery, but sharing in its profits and probably sharing it with others – councils or charitable organisations.

Cllr Ray said he had carried out an “unscientific survey”, spending two hours in the Civic Offices’ reception area, asking 100 people about the proposal and “they all thought it was a wonderful idea”.

Cabinet members said the working group should continue its work and firm up proposals, although they were concerned about the level of profits and the time it would take before any scheme potentially boosted council coffers.

In the end they agreed “the work of the Lottery Working Group continue and officers are asked to see where they could identify the £10,000 from”.


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