Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Former Thurrock Lib Dem to stand for parliament

IT IS good to see that a young man who cut his teeth in Thurrock politics is taking his ambitions to the next level.

Kevin McNamara (24) stood as a Lib Dem candidate in the Corringham and Fobbing ward in 2012.

He may have only garnered 27 votes but that has not discouraged the University of Kent graduate.

Kevin has been selected to stand for the Lib Dems in the Ealing North constituency.

The seat is pretty solid Labour territory. Stephen Pound won the seat in 1997 and has maintained a very healthy 10,000 plus majority since then.

But when we spoke to Kevin, he was looking forward to the challenge.

Kevin said: "A challenge is certainly what it is and one that I am really enjoying.

"I learned a lot fighting local election wards and this is the next obvious step.

Yes, Stephen Pound has a healthy majority but we want to promote Lib Dem policies as well as question the other parties on what they stand for."

Asked if he had any reservations about the Lib Dems going into coalition, Mr McNamara said: "No. The Lib Dems have brought a lot to the government such as green policies and single sex marriages that I believe would not have seen the light of day otherwise.

"Lib Dems have maintained their presence in places such as Eastleigh and Brentwood because people have placed their faith in hard working MPs and councillors.

"That is a message, I want to stress out on the doorstep in Ealing in the run up to May."

YT has inquired at Lib-Dem HQ as to whether they have selected a candidate for Thurrock but we have yet to receive a reply.


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