Monday, September 26, 2022

Over 130,000 fines since Dart Charge came into force inc. 18,000 overseas

OVER 130,000 penalty charge notices have been sent to drivers who used the Dartford Crossing without paying, since the removal of pay barriers and the introduction of the Dart Charge system in November.

Figure released today (Thursday) by the Highways Agency show that 90 per cent of chargeable journeys made at the Dartford Crossing during December have now been paid for.

Of the motorists who were sent penalty notices, 73,898 have paid up. More than 18,000 cases have been passed to a European debt recovery agency for issue to overseas drivers.

More than 570,000 Dart Charge accounts have now been set up and more than than 1.5 million vehicles are now eligible for discounted journeys at the Dartford Crossing.

Highways Agency project director Nigel Gray said: “These figures show drivers are getting to know and understand Dart Charge. Our approach of offering drivers an extended period to pay any vehicle’s first crossing charge is getting the right results.

"The vast majority of drivers are paying Dart Charge and each day this continues to rise."

Dart Charge was introduced to help speed up journeys at the Dartford Crossing by removing the need to stop at a barrier to pay the charge. Instead, drivers can pay online, by telephone or at one of thousands of retail outlets nationwide.

Drivers with a pre-pay account are eligible for discount of up to a third on every crossing they make.

For drivers without a pre-pay account, payment needs to be made by midnight the day after each use of the crossing. Drivers who do not pay on time are liable to receive a penalty charge notice, although the first PCN issued for each vehicle offers drivers an extra 14 days to avoid a penalty by paying their original crossing charge.

"It’s great that well over half a million drivers have registered for a Dart Charge account and are benefitting from discounted crossings," said Mr Gray. "This means that in many cases drivers are paying less to use the crossing now than before Dart Charge was introduced."


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