Sunday, September 25, 2022

Letter to Editor: In praise of cuts to tuition fees


UNIVERSITY fees of £9,000 per year say to a middle income earner like me that college is either just for the incredibly rich private school fee paying elite or the odd notable worthy young scholar who goes to Cambridge or Oxford on a scholarship.

The rest of us have children who face a debt of about £40,000 before they embark on a career and even consider marrying, having a family and buying a home.

For Mr Miliband to promise a reduction of £9,000 to that £40,000 bill, puts the prospect of a university education for our children within reach of aspirant parents like me and I am grateful for his support despite fierce opposition from self serving members of the Establishment who want to retain all the best opportunities this country has to offer for themselves.

Martin Healy

Chafford Labour


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