Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Bid for over 150 homes to be built on Victoria Road, Stanford-le-Hope deferred

ARGUMENTS against a planning application were heard at this Thursday’s Planning Committee, as Cllr Shane Hebb, Conservative councillor for Stanford West, spoke against an application for 153 homes to be built on the flood plain behind Victoria Road in Stanford-le-Hope, calling for the committee to reject the proposals.

The application has been deferred for one month, so the Planning Committee can visit the site to determine if the application would be acceptable for the site.

The Conservative councillor requested the Committee refuse the application on several grounds, specifically raising the point about the principle access to the site at the roundabout in Southend Road which connects with The Manorway and A13. "The local road network is congested enough. This would cause pandemonium for residents locally", slams Cllr Hebb.

In response to concerns on building on the flood plan, he said the plan to consolidate all the homes further up the flood plain, so the likelihood is that the new homes would not flood, was not the answer.

He also slammed the application for the potential impacts on schools and GP provision. He said: “Like many Stanford residents, I am a parent who lives in Stanford. Again, like some residents, I am awaiting the results of registering my daughter in a local primary school. The report on Thursday read that more primary school spaces would be needed in the local area by 2018, even without this potential development. This is not the news that I, or any parent in local Stanford, wants or needs to hear. Our children deserve better”.

Shane also argued that theLocal Development Framework has a requirement to build 328 homes by 2020, and 500 more by 2021 in Stanford. He argued that since Butts Lane has already been approved for 350 homes, that Stanford has achieved its housing supply quote until 2021.

“We have done our bit, and it is time developers left Stanford alone. My view is that the Committee have no choice but to refuse the application when they reconvene in April”, says Cllr Hebb. “We already have enough homes approved until the next decade – enough is enough!”

Prospective Labour candidate for Stanford West, Ella Vine also spoke at the meeting.

After the meeting, she said: ‘’I am really pleased that the planning committee has taken my objections seriously. If the development goes ahead there would be a risk of flooding to the new and existing homes, who are already struggling to get flood insurance, an increase in traffic by the busy roundabout and added pressures to the local infrastructure and services.

"Apart from objecting to the application, I have knocked on houses that are likely to be affected if this goes ahead, spoke to as many residents as possible and collected a large number of signatures on a petition opposing the development’’.


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