Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Essex Police lose trace of ten sex offenders

ESSEX Police admitted they have lost track of ten sex offenders.

It is believed the criminals managed to leave the country, travelling to Africa, Europe and the middle East.

Police and Crime Commissioner Nick Alston said the reports gave him “some cause for concern”.

The figures, which show forces nationally lost track of 396 people on the sex offenders register, were obtained by the Press Association following a Freedom of Information Act request.

Essex Police have not disclosed who the sex offenders were or what crimes they committed.

A spokesman said: “Essex Police has a dedicated team of officers whose role is to manage people who are registered sex offenders living in the community after being released from prison.

“We cannot go into the specifics of their roles due to operational reasons.

“However the public can be reassured that the measures put in place aim to prevent them from reoffending.


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