Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Polly pledges to protect health service from the Tories

Thurrock Labour’s candidate, Polly Billington, has pledged to protect health service from the Tories.

Labour’s candidate Polly Billington said, "Thurrock Tory MP is backing the closure of a much needed service in the NHS walk in centre in Grays. People are waiting two or three weeks for a GP appointment because of her government mucking around with the NHS and this will only make things worse. It tells you all you need to know: you can’t trust the tories with the NHS."

She went on to say, "Labour will protect walk-in services as part of our five point plan to save the NHS. We need to speak up locally but we also need a government on our side. Voting Labour this May is the best way to ensure our NHS is protected.

A future Labour government would not close walk-in services. Under the Tories almost 25% of the 230 walk-in centres Labour set up are now gone. If I was your MP I would put a stop to this and make sure the service at Grays is maintained. Walk-in services are popular and people can easily access it. Most importantly they take pressure of A&E has been experiencing a crisis this winter."


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