Monday, September 26, 2022

Fusion pays tribute to tragic Simon with brilliant music and video

THE DEATH of Temidayo Joseph has hit family and friends badly.

But if there is a lasting legacy to the young man who died last August, it is the respect and esteem that his friends hold for him.

This respect has been crystallised in a four minute music video by local musician, Fusion.

The film fuses personal footage of the young man everyone knew as Simon, with the groups own tribute in an excellent piece of music.

It was filmed on location in South Ockendon.

YT spoke to Fusion

He said: "There is not a specific message in the video. I just created one to show that we will never forget about him also to express the love we had for Simon before he passed away

There will forever only be ONE Simon.

We asked how the song and the video came about.

Fusion said:

"I decided to make a tribute for Temidayo Joseph and to also bring close friends of his together and participate (Teekid, Tommy Tucker, Tenz).

"I am a musician so it was not really hard for me to set this up. I hit up my producer @591, got a beat, brought everyone to the studio. Then got it mixed and mastered for a better sound.

" A week or two later, I shot a video and here we are today.

Finally, we asked Fusion, what would be a fitting legacy for Simon?

He said: "I was also looking to organise a football match for Simon. Anything just to keep his name active and unforgettable.

"I was also looking for a sponsor to help me put a donation towards his family or his graveside".


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