Thursday, October 6, 2022

Is this the Stanford-le-Hope you want to live in?

POLITICIANS AND member of the community have reacted with anger at the rise in fly-tipping and arson in the Stanford-le-Hope area.

It began on Thursday, when one resident out walking in Rainbow Lane with their children came across a burning car.

On Sunday morning more walkers were disgusted at further evidence of fly-tipping in the Wharf Road area.

Stanford West councillor, Shane Hebb, has responded to the fly tipping incident.

"Once again, some lowlife has done Stanford-le-Hope harm by fly-tipping down Wharf Road this weekend.

"Dog walkers and other pedestrians have had their weekend spoiled by somebody else’s own selfish and inconsiderate actions, and I hope that individual is proud of themselves. I have asked officers at Thurrock Council to see if here is any correspondence in the rubbish, so we can pursue legal action.

It galls me that there is a Civic Amenity site – the "dump" to most of us – just up the road. If you don’t want the rubbish, use the proper facilities.

Certainly stop dropping your rubbish on OUR front yards! If you don’t want it in your back garden, why do you think we want it in ours?!

I hope that evidence can be found which will enable formal action to commence against the people who committed this act of environmental vandalism".

Ella Vine, Labour’s council candidate for the area has also condemned that illegal activities: ‘’Fly-tipping in top of Wharf Road is unfortunately occurring frequently and is a real issue.

That part of land and road is privately owned so it is the responsibility of the private owners to clear it. I work with the Council’s Public Protection Department to help solve this issue.

"Every time fly-tipping is being reported to me, like in this case, I ask the council to deal with it. Then the council issues a request to the private owners to clear the rubbish. However as this is occurring frequently I am now working with the council to find the best ways of working with the private owners to prevent these incidents from occurring’’.


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