Thursday, October 6, 2022

Grays Ath fans bring the Blues back to Grays

GRAYS Athletic supporters spent Friday morning in Grays High Street distributing promotional flyers to the general public to help promote the Blues final push in the league this season.

The supporters set up a promotional stand outside Morrisons supermarket and were very pleased at the response from the public toward the club.

It’s been five years since the Blues last played at the Rec in Grays, and to many

Grays Athletic has slipped to the back of their minds. It was however, refreshing to hear from our supporters that the general feedback was one of a positive nature.

Blues supporter and event organiser Rob Seaman said "I have been very surprised by the genuine interest shown by the general public.

"The positive comments towards the club are something that we can all use going forward. Even if an extra 20 people turn up at Mill field after today’s event to me that is positive and we must build on this going forward".

The supporters will be looking to run a similar promotional day in pre-season as the club looks to increase its attendance at home games.

In addition to the promotional day, supporters have been helping distribute 10,000 flyers around the Grays area and we would like to very much thank everyone who has helped so far with this.


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