Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Ballet Review: Swan Lake by Thurrock Courts Players


By Tony Collier

I HAVE to say that it was a surprise when Thurrock Courts Players announced that they were going to put on their first ballet.

However, over the 104 years that they have been running they have never been afraid to try something new.

Many remember their performance of Showboat in 1932. It was amazing. Especially since it was’t written until 1934.

And who can remember their version of Carl Morris: The Wilderness Years.

The ballet did not start well. The curtains came up. It got worse after that. Mike Jones came on. No, you may say that is a bit harsh as he has been a mainstay of TCP for a number of years. And we have to say, that Mike really put his heart and soul into his part. Unfortunately, as he had forgotten to put his costume on, it was a part that Cissy and Gwen Brown in the first row will ever forget.

It came to Jill Snelling to save the day as she was wonderful dying swan. It was a touching moment but we are not sure that the accompanying music of "Oops upside your head" did the moment justice.

All in all it was a different version that the audience seemed to enjoy.

Mike Jones is on police bail until midday.


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