Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Stanford-le-Hope woman to receive award after 1,000th moan on Facebook

A STANFORD woman is set to be acknowledged with an award as she has just passed her 1,000th moan on a community Facebook page.

Jenny Knoels, Homestead Avenue, Stanford, will receive the special trophy in King Street Car Park in Stanford-le-Hope on Saturday.

Mrs Knoels joined the Stanford Facebook page in May 2011.

Jenny takes the story from there.

"When I first joined the group, I was a little shy and was reluctant to moan. My first one was just about the scruffy shoes on the lollipop lady outside St Joseph’s school.

But after a few months I started to find my feet. After a few references to summers when being warmer in the seventies and being able to keep your front door open, I soon hit my stride.

My hundredth moan was on the Corringham Light Railway and after that I just couldn;t stop.

"The Open Air Market got me going and I really think I got the tone right by showing what open minded, cosmopolitan people we are here.

"It was a real nail biter in our house as to what would be my thousandth moan. The family gathered round, They were putting bets on.

"My aunt thought it would be the vandalism of the Hardie Park roundabout but it was my husband who guessed right.

My "Ella Vine doesn’t have a di-vine right to impose her opinions on us all." was, they all say, a fitting tribute to my dedication to half baked, ill-informed opinions that has been the backbone of this country, since 1066.


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