Monday, September 26, 2022

Election Diary: Day Four: Oh Lib Dems, where art thou?

IT IS A rainy Good Friday. Our first matter of concern is that we can’t seem to find a good old fashioned four hour classic on the television on our office.

Where is Quo Vadis, Ben Hur or The Greatest Story Ever Told. Easter isn’t Easter without a little bit of Victor Mature or are we showing our age.

Speaking of searching in vain. YT has been on a two year search for the name of the Lib Dem candidate at this years General Election.

With five days to go before registration closes, we are getting pretty close.

Lib Dem HQ have told us that they intend to field a candidate in every constituency. But when we mention Thurrock, they always say they are going to get back to us. And they never do/

What is the relevance of this we hear you ask?

In 2005, our good friend Earnshaw Palmer polled 4,770 votes. In 2010, Carys Davis polled 4,901.

We believe they will be lucky to get 500 votes this time. Now, believing that the Lib Dem voters of Thurrock are pretty active, there is a possibility that they may well still go out and vote. And in a three way marginal that could be vital.

The Lib Dem factor simply illustrates that there are many factors to take in. Yes, Ladbrokes has UKIP in Thurrock at 4/6 but there s still a lot that has not been factored in.


It was good to see so many Thurrock residents interacting with us during the Leaders’ Debate. We put a number of the comments in that particular news item. Where else would you get a mum-of-two from Chadwell debating whether working pays with someone at Brighton Univ.


Over the (close to) nine years that this reporter has been working in Thurrock, if there is one thing that irks him is middle class people saying: "That reference to…(Bonar Law, Maslow etc), Thurrock folk won’t get that.

And they wonder why aspiration is a problem in Thurrock. Some of us born in housing estates in the sixties had wonderful teachers, who encouraged us to pick up the books of writers such as Anthony Burgess or historians such as AJP Taylor.

Maybe that is why an area such as Corringham and Fobbing has the lowest percentage of students with excellent GCSEs going on to university.



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