Thursday, October 6, 2022

Bank some time at the Chadwell coffee morning

TIME Bank Thurrock will be holding their first Coffee Morning on Monday 13th April, 10am – 12pm at The Chadwell Centre based within Chadwell Library, Brentwood Road, RM16 4JP.

This will be a great opportunity for existing Time Bank members and people who are interested in becoming members, to come together and discuss the progression of the project and hear about opportunities to exchange time credits.

Terri Bryant, Time Bank Coordinator for ngage said “The project is going really well and it’s important to bring members together as more exchanges will happen by talking with eachother and hearing about other people’s needs for support.

For example, a Timebank member could help with someone’s cleaning or gardening, and in return use the Time Credits they earn to get help with painting a room or a bit of DIY. For every hour, equivalent to one Time Credit, someone ‘deposits’ in the Time Bank, they can ‘withdraw’ the equivalent time back in support when they need it.”

“Time Bank members will gain Time Credits for coming, and this will also include any new members who sign up at the coffee morning. ”

If you’re interested in joining the Time Bank scheme or would like further information about it please visit or

Alternatively call Terri Bryant, Time Bank Coordinator on 01375 389893.


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