Saturday, October 1, 2022

Former leader of Thurrock Conservatives backs UKIP’s Tim Aker

FORMER Conservative Mayor and Leader of Thurrock Council, Anne Cheale, has today announced her support for UKIP’s Tim Aker for May’s General Election.

She will be joining UKIP Leader Nigel Farage at the Circus Tavern public meeting next Monday, 13th April, to rally the UKIP effort ahead of the May 7th poll.

Anne Cheale, a lifelong Conservative voter, said: “In Thurrock, the election is between UKIP and Labour. Tim Aker is the only candidate from Thurrock, wants the people around here to be put first and is the best way of stopping Labour.

“A vote for the Conservatives in Thurrock will only help Labour.

“I’m also dismayed that the Tory MP let Thurrock voters down in 2011 when she voted against an EU referendum when given the opportunity.

“I am switching my support to UKIP’s Tim Aker in Thurrock on May 7th and urge all residents to do the same.”

Tim Aker said: “I am delighted to have Anne supporting my campaign. As last week’s YouGov Nowcast showed, it is a straight fight between UKIP and Labour in Thurrock.

“A UKIP MP here in Thurrock would make our local issues national priorities. I am from Thurrock and just want what’s best for the residents here.

“Residents in Thurrock want an MP who stands up for border controls, will vote to get us out of the EU and put local people first and they have UKIP as that option on May 7th.” ​


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