Monday, September 26, 2022

More homes planned on Bulphan border

A PLAN to knock down the existing properties in part of a West Horndon street and construct seven chalet-style houses in their place has been recommended for approval by Brentwood Council.

The plans, for the plot of land for 9 Thorndon Avenue, would entail three five-bedroom houses at the front and four four-bedroom ones at the back reports the Brentwood Gazette.

A new road would also be created to the north of the area to allow access to those houses.

The plans were objected to by West Horndon Parish Council.

West Horndon could accept 350 homes in face to develop a garden suburb on its doorstep

Parish councillors said that in their view the density would be too high in comparison with the rest of the area.

They added that the design is out of character with its surroundings and neighbour privacy would be an issue.

Two letters of objection were also sent to the borough council for consideration by neighbours to the site.

But council planning officers said that due to a large garden in the one property the development could have affected, privacy was not an issue.

They added that the design would not be harmful to the area as, while uncommon, there are similar examples in the village already.

They recommended that the application should be approved but the final decision will be made by planning committee councillors on Tuesday evening.


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