Monday, September 26, 2022

Ward by Ward: Stanford West: Stalin, Silesia and Shane…..

NOW this is an interesting ward. The incumbent councillor, Shane Hebb has (in our opinion) been the star of the Conservative group in the last four years.

Whilst as a group, his party looks ill at ease with itself, Shane stands head and shoulders (in more ways than one) above his colleagues.

It is clear that Shane sees it as a privilege and a duty to the best for his residents without fear or favour. From King Street, Butts Lane to Wharf Road, he has really tapped into the psyche of the ward.

He has a formidable rival this time in Ella Vine. Yes, Ella can go in with both feet but in many ways, she is a beacon for democracy (and a rather crimson one at that).

The Tories made a dogs breakfast of this last time (2012) and ended up with three Tories trying (unsuccessfully) to unseat Terry Hipsey.

The UKIP candidate is local businessman, Alan Broad. Mr Broad was one of the party’s pioneers and should be applauded for his commitment.

Prediction: Cons hold


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