Monday, September 26, 2022

Ward by Ward: East Tilbury

EAST TILBURY is the tradition of the independent candidate. Whatever you do, don’t call them Independent Tories as the chuckle brothers of East Tilbury, Barry Palmer and the councillor defending his seat, John Purkiss are famous for their easy going humour.

Both John and his colleague have a well earned reputation for being the heart and conscience of East Tilbury. In many ways, they must feel like a couple of King Canute’s as the lorries rumble down the Princess Margaret Road and the houses start to be built.

But if anyone is going to continue to bring up the subject of the East Tilbury crossing or any other concern then it is the East Tilbury Independents.

You only wonder what way the ward will go when the two of them call it a day?

There hasn’t been a ward election here for three years. On that occasion, Barry Palmer won by over 800 votes. It will probably be the same for John Purkiss unless UKIP take a few.

UKIP are represented by the James Baker, the son of Ockendon councillors Chris and Jan.

Good to see Steven Cole stand again for the Conservatives.

The Labour candidate is Dorothy Millicent Turner. She makes exceedingly good cakes…..

Prediction: Ind hold

East Tilbury

BAKER James Nicholas, UKIP

COLE Steven, Conservative

PURKISS John Ronald, Independent

TURNER Dolly, Labour


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