Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Ward by Ward: Belhus

YOU know the story by now. From Robert Ray winning a seat in Ockendon in 2012 to further UKIP success in Aveley, Ockendon, Belhus and Stifford Clays. This part of Thurrock seems to be ripe UKIP territory.

How times have changed. In 2011, former mayor Charlie Curtis won this seat by 641 votes. It was a thumping majority. At the time, we all thought it was because Charlie was a very popular man. He is and remains so. But political life has changed in Belhus.

You could say that, even in 2011, the signs were there. Conservatives polled 393, UKIP polled 301 and the BNP polled 219.

In 2014, Chris Baker won this seat with a thumping 1169 votes. Labour polled 763.

UKIP did it with their old style brand of knocking on doors, holding signs up and enthusiasm.

And to be fair, since being elected, Chris Baker has been one of the most diligent and enthusiastic councillors in the borough.

Can they do it again. Yes. But again, it will be interesting to see if they poll close to 51%.

Their candidate is Graham Hamilton.

The Conservative candidate is John Biddall. For years, stood as a Lib Dem candidate. John is one of the heads of the showmen community in Buckles Lane.

Prediction: UKIP gain


BIDDALL John, Conservative

CURTIS Charles John, Labour



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