Saturday, September 24, 2022

UKIP’s Tim Aker slams Thurrock Council over mould

UKIP’s Tim Aker has slammed Thurrock Council for ignoring damp and mould problems in the borough following a shocking example of a serious case of neglect.

Mr. Aker was contacted by a resident of a Thurrock house, where she along with her children has had to live in horrific conditions with damp and mould rife, despite four visits from Council repairs since 2012.

Tim Aker said: “Thurrock has been forgotten by Labour and nothing demonstrates it more than the shocking condition of social housing in this borough. You wouldn’t let animals live in some of the housing around here.

“Despite Labour Councillors having been notified of this horrifying state of living conditions, nothing has been done. Once again residents have been let down by the old parties. I am shocked and appalled.

“I will now be doing everything I can for full, comprehensive repairs to take place for the sake of this poor Thurrock resident and her children.

“The fact that it is 2015 in Thurrock and we having residents living in these disgusting conditions shows why we need change. I am from Thurrock and will continue to fight for residents day after day.

“It is shocking that the Council recently spent millions refurbishing the town hall whilst residents are left in these conditions.”


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