Tuesday, September 27, 2022

More woes for Hassenbrook Academy as number of first choice hit rock bottom (again)

THE NUMBER of parents who selected Hassenbrook Academy as their first choice for their child to enter Year 7 in September 2015 continues to fall.

Only 42 parents put the school down as first choice. The number looks even worse when compared to the two schools that flank them in the Stanford-le-Hope and Corringham area. Gable Hall has 275 parents ticking the first preference box, whilst St Clere’s had 282.

If the numbers look bad now, many believe that they will get even worse when/if a new secondary school opens in Chafford Hundred.

A source close to YT said: "It may well be the case that if the borough opens a new secondary school, then something has to give.

"And that may mean a school closing."

Last year, Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle-Price (who has a step-son) at the school, castigated Hassenbrook Academy during a visit, after she noticed that a display board in the History department identified Gordon Brown as Prime Minister.

Ms Doyle-Price said: "See who my son’s school thinks is Prime Minister. If they can’t care to get that right….."

Harris Academy continues to be the most popular school of (first) choice with 330 parents putting the Mayflower Road school down as first choice.

William Edwards had the most application with 834, whilst Ormiston Park Academy in Aveley had the fewest with 129.

The list in full (Number of applications followed by first choice apps)

1. Harris Academy Chafford Hundred: 777-330

2. William Edwards School: 834-303

3. Gable Hall School: 686-275

4. St Clere’s School: 725-282

5. The Gateway Academy: 392-206

6. The Ockendon Academy: 333-205

7. Ormiston Park Academy: 129-69

8. Grays Convent High School: 167-61

9. The Hathaway Academy: 270-59

10. Hassenbrook Academy: 307-42



The list in full

1.William Edwards: 310

2.Harris Academy: 293

2.Gable Hall: 241

4.St Cleres: 223

5. Ockendon Academy: 188

6. Gateway Academy: 172

7. Ormiston Park: 82

8. Grays Convent: 63

9. Hathway Academy: 55

10.Hassenbrook Academy: 52


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