Sunday, September 25, 2022

Over thirty tonnes of rubbish on fire in Tilbury

Update: 1100 hrs

FIRE CREWS have been called back to a large pile of rubbish and timber alight at St Chads Road, Tilbury, following a fire which started yesterday. The pinzgauer (off road vehicle) has been requested to the incident and a water shuttle is in place to deliver water supplies to the fire.

Update: 09:10hrs: A plant machinery company are using diggers to break the large pile of rubbish up into seperate piles so that crews can reach the remaining hotspots.

FIRE CREWS have been called to approximately 30 tonnes of rubbish and timber on fire on St Chads Road in Tilbury.

The call came at 1500 hrs.

Crews are using hose reels to tackle the blaze.


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