Monday, October 3, 2022

Letter to Editor: A Stanford resident praises Shane Hebb

Dear Editor,

May I say a big "thank you" to Shane Hebb, who has been one of the councillors

in Stanford West for the past four years.

I lay claim to being Shane’s first resident casework, I hijacked him on behalf of the Wharf Rd residents the day after he was voted in, to help us fight Squibb Demolition.

He impressed many residents of Wharf Rd, with his swift action in getting the council to look into our problems and actually following through with promises he made before the election.

Within four days he was canvassing with me for signatures on a petition followed by

four years of fighting constant planning applications which we won every time, and four long years later helping us a win a public inquiry.

At the same time, Shane was helping the residents of Butts Lane and also Victoria Road.

These were both huge cases to try and sort out for the residents.

This is without the smaller more personal cases he dealt with whilst also holding down a full time job and caring for his family

This man goes about his councillor business in a very quiet manner, never boasting about his many achievements, just getting on with it.

A man who cares about the residents of Stanford West and wants to do his best for them because he is one of them, actually living in the ward, and will actually stand and fight for us !

I would urge voters to looks at Shane’s past history and achievements and take this into consideration when casting their vote on May 7th in the local election.

I think locally we need Shane Hebb to continue his work for another four years !!

Vicki Girling

Wharf Road


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