Saturday, October 1, 2022

Election Diary: Marathon not a sprint

SO, it is all getting a little bit tense now is it not. UKIP have the bit between their teeth as Lord Ashcroft says they have a 4% lead.

The reaction to the polls was fascinating. UKIP took to the psephological high ground.

Jackie Doyle-Price gave a "Yes but no but" response at the back of the bus and Polly Billington. Well, Polly kept her head down and continued to fight the ground war.

Our picture attached is a sort of clue.

Whatever happens, we happen to think that all the candidates from across the two constituencies have embraced the energy and opportunity that an election brings.

There have been a few edgy moments so far it has not been tool bad.

As we said a few weeks ago, for the majority of the public, the whole campaign passes them by. Life goes on. We could show you the page views for stories on our site and traffic and missing residents score ten times as much as the political machinations of Thurrock.


On a personal note, it amuses us how people perceive our coverage over both sites (Your Harlow as well).

UKIP believers have constantly harped on about our biased coverage in favour of Labour and advised us that we should follow the example of the Thurrock Gazette.

On Saturday morning, we published the "UKIP 4% lead story" and we received a text from a Labour councillor asking why we publish so many pro-UKIP stories.

So to balance off , Labour supporters in Harlow slammed us for our ‘Pro-Robert Halfon" coverage.

Better read than dead is the phrase or thank you for your feedback. Something like that….


A few weeks ago, we felt it was a safe bet to say, that unlike, 2005 and 2010, the Lib Dems would not poll close to 5,000 votes. We predict 750.

In a similar vein, it has not gone without notice that there is not a single BNP or NF candidate in the General Election or local election for Thurrock and SBET.

In 2007, the BNP polled 7.149 votes in the local elections in Thurrock. This reporter recalls walking around the streets of Chadwell St Mary with Richard Barnbrook and Emma Colgate and resident after resident talked about immigration, won’t go down to Grays at night and wanting their Britain back…


When it comes down to using social media, the leading candidate has to be the indep. candidate for SBET Stuart Hooper.

When we interviewed Mr Hooper, we firstly filmed him, then we filmed him live on Periscope and then he filmed an interview with the editor.

At the same time, UKIP;s use of old school billboards in gardens is a fascinating use of old school campaigning. Sort of brings everyone back to 1966…..


We enjoyed interviewing Brian May and think we did quite well not to use a single pun in our copy. It was just too tricky trying to get Las Palabras De Amor into the story….

We also were pleased to see Mr Perrin charm Victoria Derbyshire on BBC News. Next week….


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