Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Heartless thieves steal from Bulphan In Bloom

HEARTLESS thieves have stolen a number of items bought as part of the Bulphan in Bloom competition.

Three large barrels were taken between 4pm and 4.15 on Monday April 28th.

A spokesperson said: "One of the school mums saw a vehicle and three suspects, loitering near one of the barrels, on her way to pick up from an after school club. Then the barrels had gone on her way back.

"She stopped me on my way back from the park and I called the police. While we were standing there a suspicious looking character walked past us looking at the remaining barrel, turned round and walked down Albert Road. The mum followed him but could not see exactly where he went.

The suspects were driving an old white Ford Van ( not transit), with green and orange writing on. One was large with a maroon hoody and tanned olive skin, one taller with a black and white top.

"On my way home I saw that two other barrels were gone.

"It is very sad for us as we now have to raise money to replace them. They were looking so lovely this year with all the dead heading and feeding we have done. It’s a sad time when people have to steal planters from communities".

Local councillor, Sue Little has added her voice and has slammed the callous thieves.

Cllr Little said: "The people of Bulphan put so much hard work into making the village look so beautiful.

"I hope these people feel proud of themselves. A despicable act."


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