Monday, September 26, 2022

UKIP triumph in local elections in Thurrock

UKIP may not have won the parliamentary seat but they had great night in the local elections.

They won seats in Aveley, Ockendon, Belhus, Stifford Clays, East Tilbury, Chadwell St Mary and Stanford East and Corringham Town.

This means there are now: Labour: 18, Conservative: 17, UKIP 13, Ind 1

Aveley and Uplands

LIVERMORE John, Independent: 373

O`REGAN John, Labour: 896

SMITH Peter, UKIP: 1598

WEBSTER Teresa, Conservative: 1120

UKIP gain



BIDDALL John, Conservative-833

CURTIS Charles John, Labour-1366

HAMILTON Graham, UKIP-1749

UKIP gain


Chadwell St. Mary

CHERRY Russell, UKIP: 1967

DOVE Lee, Conservative: 968

SHINNICK Susan Joyce, Labour: 1518

UKIP gain


Chafford & North Stifford

BULLION Michael, Labour-1491

COXSHALL Mark, Conservative-1906

MOWER Jimmy, UKIP-960

Con hold


Corringham & Fobbing

BROAD Clive Herbert, UKIP-1.078

STEWART Deborah, Conservative-1,279

WODEHOUSE Theresa, Labour-741

Con hold

Turnout: 71%


East Tilbury

BAKER James Nicholas, UKIP-1004

COLE Steven, Conservative-496

PURKISS John Ronald, Independent-951

TURNER Dolly, Labour-529

UKIP gain


Grays Riverside

BARNES Jack, Conservative-1012

JUKES Dan, UKIP-1226

MULROUE Kevin Barry, Liberal Democrat-139

POTHECARY Jane Catherine, Labour-1721

Lab hold


Grays Thurrock

CARTER Adam, Conservative:1013

HEAVER Michael, UKIP: 1323

KENT Catherine Angela, Labour: 1794

Lab hold


Little Thurrock Rectory

KELLY Tom, Conservative-1204

OFFORD Vincent William, Labour-837

WAGER Micky, UKIP-1078

Cons hold



FISH Tony, Labour: 1224

GADSBY Ben, Conservative: 1297

WHEELER Kevin, UKIP: 1919

UKIP gain


Stanford East & Corringham Town

CHURCHMAN Colin James, UKIP-1653

COLLINS Gary, Conservative-1362

SMITH Philip George, Labour-1072

UKIP gain


Stanford-Le-Hope West

BROAD Alan David, UKIP-946

HEBB Shane, Conservative-1308

VINE Ella, Labour-791

Con hold


Stifford Clays

GAMESTER Leslie, UKIP: 1,452

LOWE Eleanor, Labour: 1,075

MACADANGDANG Michelle, Conservative: 962


The Homesteads

ANDREWS Stephen John, UKIP-1446

BYRNE Gary James, Independent-217

HALL Linda Kathleen, Labour1013

TOLSON Pauline, Conservative-1967

Cons hold


Tilbury Riverside & Thurrock Park

BALDWIN Clare, Labour-1032

BENTON Scott, Conservative-477

COMPTON Charlotte, UKIP-1027

Lab hold


West Thurrock & South Stifford

CURTIS Sarah, UKIP-1237

HOLLOWAY Victoria Claire, Labour-2009

ROWLES John, Conservative-1034

Lab hold


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