Thursday, September 28, 2023

New academy opens up in Thurrock

THE summer term got off to an exciting start for the students attending the Pupil Support Service, now called the Olive AP Academy-Thurrock. The Alternative Provision (AP) academy is part of the Olive Academies Trust.

Students were excited about receiving their new uniform and they had been consulted about the style of the uniforms and colours. The first day of term was marked with a launch event attended by members of the Olive Trust, representatives of Thurrock Council, members of staff students and parents. The event included a visual display of the academy’s activities and plans for the future.

Headteacher, Jan Culley, said:

“This event marks the start of our ambitions for the new academy. We are pleased that so many people have attended to celebrate this important day.”

Guests were shown plans of the new accommodation, which will be built in Tilbury and will be ready for the autumn of 2016. Director of Children’s Services for Thurrock,

Carmel Littleton, was one of the speakers at the event, and she said she was delighted with the new academy and the council had played a major role in supporting its creation. The council is responsible for commissioning the new building and such provision would provide enriching opportunities for the pupils in Thurrock.

Mark Vickers, Chief Executive of Olive Academies, said:

“We have been working closely with the officers of Thurrock Council for the past two years to get to this point and the relationship between the Council and Olive Academies is strong. Today is an important turning point for this venture. We are remaining at the Culver site for the next year, but are very excited about the opportunities the Tilbury building will offer.”


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