Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Cllr Tom Kelly thanks Little Thurrock residents

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank the residents of Little Thurrock Rectory who again put their faith in me to be their voice on Thurrock Council for the next four years.

The last four years have been a fantastic experience and I will serve Little Thurrock residents with same level of commitment and enthusiasm to ensure Little Thurrock Rectory is a great place to live, work and operate local businesses.

It is clear talking to so many residents that, whilst Little Thurrock is a lovely place to be, much more needs to be done to reduce the inappropriate use of our roads by HGVs, improve parking standards around Little Thurrock Primary School and across the ward, tackle the use of "legal highs" in the back alleyways of our parks, and ensure that where shops and industry rub shoulders with residents homes that they operate reasonable, responsibly and respectfully.

We also need to tackle head on the near-weekly incidences of fly tipping and litter. This should not just be by clearing it fast, to reduce it becoming a magnet for others to do likewise, but to take action against those who are intent on turning Thurrock into a rubbish dump.

I will continue to work with my ward partner, Councillor Rob Gledhill, to help improve not only Little Thurrock but Thurrock as a whole.

Your sincerely

Councillor Tom Kelly


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