Thurrock Tories outraged as they lose vote for deputy mayor

VETERAN Labour councillor, Cathy Kent has been voted in as deputy mayor of Thurrock.

But this doesn’t seem to have gone down very well with the Thurrock Conservatives.

They had put forward South Chafford councillor, Tunde Ojetola as their candidate.

But the voting went like this:

All eighteen Labour councillors voted for Cathy Kent.

All seventeen Conservative councillors voted for Tunde Ojetola

Independent councillor for East Tilbury, cllr Barry Palmer voted for Tunde Ojetola.

UKIP councillor for Aveley (but suspended from the group) cllr Robert Ray voted for Tunde Ojetola.

All UKIP councillors voted for cllr Kent except cllr Tim Aker who abstained and cllr James Baker who was absent.

It was clearly a surprise for cllr Kent, who, had not even had time to think of a consort.

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