Thurrock Tories praise rent reductions for council tenants in budget

THURROCK Conservative spokesman for Housing, Cllr Tunde Ojetola has welcomed the Chancellor’s announcement, which changes Social Housing Rents for the 10,000 Council home tenants.

Councillor Ojetola said "The Chancellor’s reducing Council rents by 1% per year for the next four years will see those who are working, on a low income and paying council rent see about £50 per year extra in their pockets. This will rise to about £200 per year by 2019. It will also see the amount of taxpayers money used to pay the housing benefit for other Council Tenants reduce. That reduction helps to fund the increased tax allowances for everyone and the new National living wage for those on low income."

The Chancellor also announced that those residents living in a Council home, earning more than £30,000 per year will need to pay market rent.

Cllr Ojetola added "Social housing is there for the those on a low income who need that extra help to have a roof over their head because of their individual circumstances, it is not there to subsidise those who start to do well as this will give them an unfair advantage over those in the private rented market.

"It is not fair that those able to pay are subsidised by more than £400 per month whilst those who can’t are struggling to get on the housing ladder. When I sat on the allocations panel, Phil Anderson and I tried to introduce rolling tenancies so those who were on higher salaries could make the transition to the private sector or to buy, but Labour blocked this reducing the possibility of vital housing being freed up and local Thurrock residents buying up private homes in Thurrock."

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