Bulphan WI: July report

Bulphan WI: July report

IT was a lovely evening after a rather chilly day when the WI met at Horndon-on-the-Hill for a tour around this lovely village. Our guide was Peter Woodard, a resident in the village who has researched its history and so provided a wealth of interesting and historic knowledge.

One of the houses in the High Street was the home of the owner of Triumph Motorbikes whose granddaughter later became a well-known keep fit instructor. Peter pointed out the house which was the butchers shop in 1914 as well as the drapers shop in 1910. Another interesting building was the old school building, where we could still see where the original windows would have been. We also saw where the old windmill would have been where the scouts used to meet in its bottom structure. Unfortunately, now what is left of it is a feature in someone’s private garden.

We were also show an old Victorian barn which is now used by an engineer who still renovates old Morgan three wheeled cars. Peter also pointed out two evergreen Oak Trees which only grow in very few areas in Britain.

After our tour we all met up in The Bell pub for well-deserved refreshment.

Our August meeting will include a talk by Sarah Tucker titled: ‘The Playground Mafia’, a memento of a school. Visitors welcome. Information, photographs & much more can be found on our web site bulphanwi.weebly.com, on Facebook at Bulphan Women’s Institute & Twitter @bulphanwi or contact Janet McCheyne President 01268 543214.

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