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Renowned historian Richard Milner to lecture on Alfred Russel Wallace and The Dell

THOSE intrepid walkers on the final (Grays) walk of the Thurrock 100, stopped by a house formally known as ‘The Dell’, and heard a little about the celebrated Victorian explorer and naturalist, Alfred Russel Wallace,

It was at that ‘stop-off’ where Alfred Russel Wallace – known for developing the Theory of Evolution through Natural Selection (no, it wasn’t just Darwin’s theory!) – once lived.

Although famous in his day, Wallace – perhaps one of the most famous scientists of the Victorian period – has now been somewhat forgotten; unfairly so, being the current view. But there is resurgence of interest in Wallace’s life, explorations and theories.

One of those authorities leading the international resurgence in all things Wallace, is Richard Milner – Associate at the American Museum of Natural History, anthropologist, historian of science, Darwin expert, troubadour, songwriter, editor, author (we could go on!).

Having been responsible for organising major conferences on Wallace’s life and contributions – during Wallace’s centenary celebrations in 2013 – in America, Richard was invited to present the 2015 Annual Alfred Russel Wallace Lecture at the Natural History Museum, earlier this month.

As an expert in the field, and a celebrated speaker, Richard will be coming to Grays, to share his knowledge of our local celebrity, particularly on Wallace’s dalliances with spiritualism, and of a Courtroom drama in which he and Darwin (often, in their day, so closely aligned) were on opposite sides.

Come and join Richard to hear more about Wallace. Free Talk on 29 July at the Thameside Theatre 2.30 –3.00. Booking not required; seats available on a first come; first served basis.


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