Thursday, April 18, 2024

Thurrock UKIP councillor denies "endorsing" Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leader

A THURROCK UKIP councillor has denied endorsing a left wing candidate for the Labour leadership despite his name appearing on Jeremy Corbyn’s website.

Aveley councillor, Peter Smith’s name appears on a list of over 370 "Labour councillors" who have registered their support for the MP on his website

But when YT rang cllr Smith, who was elected to the ward in May, he appeared somewhat surprised.

Cllr Smith said: "I can categorically state that I did not put my details on the website. I would like to thank you for drawing this to my attention.

"I will be contacting Mr Corbyn’s office forthwith and asking them to remove my name."

The appearance of cllr Smith’s name begs a question as to how many others on the list are genuine?

There has been concerns expressed over "infiltration" in the process to elect a Labour leader but this these charges are levelled at militants, maoists and communists. Not from UKIP.

YT has contacted Mr Corbyn’s office but they had not replied by the time of publication.

Cllr Smith’s details were removed from Mr Corbyn’s site by Sunday evening.


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