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Community clean-up of Stanford-le-Hope a success

On Sunday 26th July, a community clean up took place in the King Street car park area in Stanford-le-Hope.

Despite the unseasonably grey and wet weather, people from Stanford Community Action, Stanford Blooming Marvels, Basildon and Southend Housing Action and two local councillors, Shane Hebb (Stanford West) and James Halden (Homesteads) turned out and put in up to three hours work.

The aim of the clean up was to put pressure on the owner of the King Street car park, Richard Wheatley (Capital Land Partners) to initiate a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule to bring the site up to an acceptable standard. Since the car park was sold by Thurrock Council in 2013, the condition of the car park has deteriorated with litter remaining uncollected for months.

The situation at the car park has been exacerbated by the site becoming a magnet for anti-social and reckless behaviour. This ranges from boy racers using the car park to practice wheelies through to the use of cream chargers containing nitrous oxide to get a high. On Sunday, the volunteers at the clean up amassed a sizable collection of discarded nitrous oxide canisters.

Dave Amis, a spokesperson for Stanford Community Action said: "Volunteers from the local community shouldn’t have to be coming out on a wet, miserable Sunday afternoon to clear litter and filth that has been left to collect for months. That should be the responsibility of the owner, Richard Wheatley.

"When we added up the hours worked by the volunteers working on the clean up, we undertook work that was worth in excess of £300. We really don’t want to have to do this again.

"We call upon Richard Wheatley to initiate a cleaning and maintenance programme to bring the site up to an acceptable standard."


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