Fobbing fights back over bus service

WEDNESDAY evening saw a round one victory for Fobbing residents in the fight to regain the 374 bus.

Villagers there and in other rural areas of Thurrock have been stranded since the Labour cabinet member for Transport decided to cut their bus service.

Following representations and evidence by Fobbing residents and Councillor Deborah Stewart, the Transport Overview and Scrutiny Committee has agreed to review the decision.

At the committee meeting Cllr Stewart detailed how she felt the Cabinet member had chosen to ignore the expert advice of both council officers and the bus companies in favour of the No. 11 bus without carrying out any research to substantiate his claims that the No. 11 was more viable than the 374.

Cllr Stewart said: "By removing the 374 bus, Fobbing residents can no longer easily access their GP yet alone a health centre or hospital and are faced with up to a mile and a half walk to the nearest shop or bus stop.

"I do find it extremely concerning that the least viable service of the two, the no. 11 which happens to serve the cabinet members ward was saved, yet the more viable and needed service through rural parts of Thurrock was cut.

"Indeed hearing extra evidence from external experts from Ensign Bus that the 374 was more than viable shows that the wrong decision was made.

"I would thank all Fobbing residents who helped in our evidence gathering especially Gary O’Brian and Tony Davis who were able to explain to the committee the devastating effect it is having on residents lives.

‘We look forward to the outcome of the review and hopefully having our bus service restored"

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