Friday, April 12, 2024

"Nasty and brutish" Is this the end for the Thameside?

THE FUTURE of the council-run Thameside Complex was discussed by the Thurrock Council’s Corporate Overview & Scrutiny Committee.

The chair, cllr Shane Hebb reported back.

Cllr Hebb said: "The Thameside was called a "Leviathan" when the group considered the outcome of a Review into the Thameside Complex.

The Committee noted the Thameside report, but expressed significant reservations about the limitedness of the report’s findings. These comments will be fed into the Cabinet.

"Concerns were that the report literally just says ‘Yes we want art provision, it should stay in Grays, but we don’t have the money to sort it’, reports Cllr Shane Hebb.

"We felt that it was now the time to say the unsayable and seriously consider other means of retaining arts and other services in Thurrock".

"Options discussed were new builds to replace the existing premises, see if other local providers could assimilate so they could share their assets, and looking at community-led solutions and private-ownership solutions.

"We agreed last year that there would be a cross-party approach to this", said Cllr Hebb. "As we move into the next stages of the discussion, we must all remember that point".


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