Friday, February 23, 2024

GP surgeries in Thurrock given the lowest approval rating in region by pensioners.

THURROCK pensioners have given Thurrock GP’s the lowest approval rating of all surgeries in the East of England.

A survey by Independent Age, a charity that helps older people, showed that 60% of those surveyed would not recommend their Thurrock surgery.

The survey published the following findings:

Overall experience (good / very good) – 80%

Able to get a same-day appointment – 41%

Confidence and trust in GP (definitely) – 89%

Would recommend their GP surgery (yes) – 40%

Overall experience of out of hours service (very / fairly good) – 76%

YT asked the Thurrock Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) for a response. Bizarrely, the spokesperson produced a chart which showed that whilst Thurrock was indeed bottom of the league for the East of England, the CCG with the highest approval rating only scored a 50% approval rating in this category.

YT also requested that a representative come on camera to discuss the matter but this request was declined.


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