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Are Remembrance Services in Thurrock at risk due to police cuts?

THERE are now questions whether Remembrance Services will be able to go ahead as a result of the on-going cuts to Essex Police.

Assistant Chief Constable, Julia Wortley has written to Thurrock Council to inform them of the changes this year.

In previous years, Essex Police has provided assistance on occasions with traffic control at some events.

But now they have told Thurrock Council: "This year Essex Police officers (including members of the Special Constabulary) will not be permitted to enforce road closures unless there is an imminent risk to public safety."

A spokesperson for Thurrock Council said: "Lyn Carpenter met with District Commander Leigh Norris this afternoon as part of her round of meetings with local dignitaries and this issue was discussed.

Essex Police followed the same procedures last year and attempted to contact local organisers and inform them of the situation.

This year Thurrock Council has contacted the organisers of Remembrance events across Thurrock to make sure they are aware of the police policy and to remind them of the necessary steps to take to ensure any road closures are carried out legally.

"However, any organisation whose Remembrance event requires a road closure and which has not already responded to the council or received the advice is urged to contact urgently".

A spokesperson for Essex Police said: "We recognise the importance of Remembrance services to the local community and have provided help and guidance about planning these events to organisers. Many officers will either formally or informally attend and support ceremonies across the county on Remembrance Sunday.

"Responsibility for road closures for pre-planned events lies with the local authority but officers will, as usual, assist at any emergency or traffic incident that occurs during the event".


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