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Thurrock motorist fury: "I got a parking ticket for this?!

A THURROCK motorist is up in arms after being handed a fifty pound fine for parking on a white line in a Grays car park.

Adam Rooke, from Corringham drove into the Argent Street car park (next to the White Hart pub) on Friday afternoon (Oct 9th). He parked his car, paid and displayed and went about his business.

On returning he could see that his car had been ticketed.

He was at first surprised as he was still within his allowed time but then Adam was further shocked when he saw that he had received the hefty fine for parking on the white line of the parking space.

Adam said: "I am outraged. My wheels are inches onto the white line. They are not even intruding onto the next parking space.

"But look at the parking space next to mine. Let us ignore the litter for a start. Nobody could park there any way due to the overgrown bushes. Well they could park there but their vehicle would be jutting out of the bay and then they would get a fine".

"I cannot believe the Thurrock Council warden has given me a ticket of this. You see so much bad parking around the borough and I am being punished for having a wheel, millimetres over a white line."

Last year, Thurrock Council’s parking team turn round a loss in 2013-14 into a £182,000 profit.

Thurrock Council had not responded to a request for a comment at the time of publication.


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