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Disaster for St Clere’s School as exam results plummet by 21%

ST CLERE’S School in Stanford-le-Hope has seen their key exam results drop by a staggering 21%.

In August, the school (along with others) did not publish their results for the key figure of how many students gained 5 or more GCSE results at A* to C (inc English and Maths).

But now the provisional results have appeared on the Department for Education’s website and it does not make pretty reading.

The government has published the results earlier than normal so that parents can have access to the information before the deadline for choosing a secondary school closes on Oct 31st.

In 2008 and 2009, the school recorded a percentage of 45% in each year. After that there was a remarkable increase with percentages of 67%, 71%, 63%, 66% and 67%.

A statement on the school website said:

"We have an excellent English department at St Clere’s and pupils achieved 73% A*-C in English Literature.

"Like many schools nationally, we have suffered from the boundary changes and poor marking of the IGCSE, run by Cambridge International Examinations who were responsible for marking the English Language papers.

"The results provided were 20% below the students’ capability and unrealistically lower than students’ grades in other subjects.

"We are still appealing against the quality of marking and will take our challenge to Ofqual.

"We believe Ofqual should improve the quality assurance of marking in all subjects nationally.

"The figure for 5 A*-C including English and Maths at this point, following re-marks, stands at 50%, which is very disappointing as our lowest estimate was 70% A*-C".

The question that the school may have to answer is why St Clere’s has seen such a significant decline? Others also saw sharp declines (William Edwards by 14%, Gable Hall, Harris Academy and Gateway Academy by 12%, Hassenbrook by 9% and Ockendon Academy by 7%).

YT spoke to one parent (who wished to remain anonymous) who expressed their concern.

They said: "It is disappointing to hear from the press about the decline in results. Yes, I have seen their explanation on the website but I still don’t know why our school has gone down by so much more than others. Why has the Convent gone up?"

Many other parents believe that this is a temporary blip and the school will be back "where it belongs" in 2016.

Here are the results in full.

2015 5 A* to C (inc English and Math

1. Harris Academy: 81% Down by 12%

2. Grays Convent: 70% Up by 7%

3. Gable Hall: 58% Down by 12%

4. William Edwards: 56% Down by 14%

5. Hassenbrook: 46% Down by 9%

6. Hathaway Academy: 46% Up by 2%

7. St Cleres: 45% Down by 21%

8. Ockendon Academy: 43% Down by 7%

9. Ormiston Park Academy: 38% Same

10. Gateway Academy: 38% Down by 12%


2014 5 A* to C (inc English and Maths)

1. Harris Academy: 93%

2. Gable Hall: 74%

3. William Edwards: 70%

4. St Clere’s: 67%

5. Grays Convent: 63%

6. Hassenbrook Academy: 55%

7. Gateway Academy: 50%

7. Ockendon Academy: 50%

9. Hathaway Academy: 44%

10. Ormiston Park Academy: 38%


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