Thursday, June 13, 2024

Now Ockendon Tory questions whether UKIP are "Scaremongering over Flowers Estate"

OCKENDON Conservative Councillor Barry Johnson is calling on Thurrock UKIP to come clean on Flower Estate regeneration.

Cllr Johnson said "I have been told that UKIP activists are saying the Flowers Estate will be pulled down and probably let to immigrants. As far as I know this simply is not true and Thurrock UKIP need to either supply proof, in public, refute the claims or come clean and say that they got it wrong.

"They cannot stay silent on the matter as I do not believe for a second that many Flowers Estate residents would be saying this."

Last week’s cabinet outlined that the Flowers Estate is in line for regeneration and consultation with the residents would be paramount.

Cllr Johnson added: "I made a promise to keep a close eye on the proposed regeneration of the Flowers Estate a promise, like all my others made in office, I intend to honour. I was pleased to hear the portfolio holder announce that she would be consulting with the community including the ward councillors.

"However, a week has now passed, and I await to be consulted but am hearing other political groups seem to know the fate of the estate. Unfortunately the delay and silence by the Portfolio Holder is allowing the scaremongers to claim it will be torn down and probably let to immigrants go unchallenged.

I have made it quite clear that a community lead regeneration would be welcomed and is something that I would like to lend my support to, but the full facts must be laid out now or the plan will be shot down before we even know what it is."


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