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Tilbury woman details "disgusting treatment" by GPs over smear test.

A TILBURY woman issued a damning indictment of the state of the health service in Tilbury at a public meeting on Tuesday night.

The meeting was called to address the on-going health crisis in Tilbury. The woman (who did not wish to be named) rose to speak during a Q and A session in front of representatives of key agencies in the NHS.

She told the assembled audience that she had encountered great difficulty with "Tilbury GPs (some but not all)" and felt that there was a ‘Put up or shut up" attitude towards patients.

A member of NHS England detailed what is expected of GPs when it comes to feedback and concerns.

The 26-year-old woman went on to detail a recent experience surrounding a smear test.

"Eight weeks ago, I was struck off for going to my surgery (the Sai Medical Centre) and asking for a smear test. There is a history in my family so I was concerned.

She continued: "I managed to get the test, went for my results and the test was abnormal. But I was also told that I was taking up too much time.

"I had to have a police officer with me when getting my results. This stinks, this is shocking."

"I am not scared to speak up."

"I went to the Shehadeh Medical Centre (also in Tilbury) and I felt safer with them in two weeks than for the two years at the Sai Medical Centre."

Members of NHS England spoke to the woman afterwards.

The woman’s testimony can be heard on the film below. It was agreed that we only film the panel and member of the audience did not use their names.

YT has contacted the Sai Medical centre and we are awaiting a response.


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