Thursday, June 20, 2024

UKIP in Ockendon campaign highlight Dilkes Park "death traps"

RESIDENTS around Dilkes Park, Ockendon have been terrorised by gangs of youths congregating in and around unused, burned out shelters nearly every night.

There have been cases of drug taking, arson, alcohol being consumed, property damage, personal and racial abuse to residents, cars vandalised, street lights destroyed, fireworks being targeted at people as well as other violent and dangerous acts.

Residents, UKIP Councillors and UKIP MEP Tim Aker are calling for the shelters to be pulled down to disperse the youths before someone is seriously hurt.

Cllr Tim Aker MEP said: "These shelters are facilitating the gangs of youths meeting late at night and destroying the lives of the residents in the area. No one should have to live in an area where they are terrified to leave their home in the evening.

"The Council must act immediately to bring these shelters down, it will be cheaper to remove them than constantly maintain them due to the recurring damage to them.

"Local residents have to suffer nearly every week, the police have failed to act and this is no doubt down to the savage cuts from central government that have meant 97% of ‘antisocial behaviour’ cases are ignored."


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