Friday, December 8, 2023

Chafford residents outraged as play park daubed in disgusting graffiti

CHAFFORD Hundred residents have urged Thurrock Council to act as quickly as possible to remove "vile and disgusting" graffiti from a play park.

Parents turned up with their children on Friday lunchtime in Rainbow Road to be confronted by the obscene messages daubed on slides and swings.

Residents expressed their disgust on social media through the Chafford Hundred Neighbourhood Watch page on Facebook.

South Chafford councillor, Charlie Key was made aware by residents and contacted the council at 4pm this afternoon, in the hope that environment teams can remove the graffiti as soon as possible.

YT has also contacted the councillor in charge of the environment, cllr Gerard Rice.

We have decided not to show one of the photographs as we believe it is too abhorrent for publication.

Update: 1800 hrs

A Thurrock Council spokesperson has told YT that an Environment team has been despatched to clean up the park on Saturday morning.


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