Friday, April 19, 2024

People power as Chafford residents purge park of obscene graffiti

IN THE end it took two residents and a can of cleaning fluid to wipe away vile graffiti in a Chafford Hundred park.

As reported on Friday afternoon, parents were shocked to see the play park in Rainbow Road daubed with dreadful messages on slides and swings.

Thurrock Council pledged to clean it on Saturday.

Due to the extreme nature of the graffiti, many imagined that it would have been cleaned at first light.

But by early afternoon, the graffiti remained in place, making the park a virtual no-go zone for parents and kiddies alike.

So community-minded resident, Carmel Vella and her son, armed with cleaning equipment, strode into the park and cleaned up the park.

They have been rightly praised by residents on social media but the questions will remain whether the council turned up or not.


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