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Is Jackie Doyle Price selling Thurrock down the river over a new Dartford Crossing?

POLITICIANS and members of the public have called on Thurrock MP, Jackie Doyle Price, to publish the full details of her survey on a new Dartford Crossing.

In her survey, published on Wednesday, it revealed that "Ninety percent of people living in Thurrock want to see a new Thames crossing."

The research detailed that many Thurrock motorists regularly get stuck in traffic and believe congestion on the Dartford crossing is to blame.

Ms Doyle-Price came to the conclusion that the survey confirmed that "everyone accepts the need for more river crossings."

But the survey did not appear to detail how many people had actually responded.

But the methods used in the survey seems to be have been overshadowed by whether the MP has changed her policy or changed her tone on the new Dartford Crossing.

The MP’s stance, as of November 2015, seems to be that she has been arguing for the government to "look at" Option D (East of Thurrock) but it may be too costly.

Many believe, including Thurrock Council leader John Kent that the Thurrock MP is softening up residents for a decision that will see a crossing go straight through Tilbury, Chadwell St Mary and Orsett.

Where once it appeared that you could not get a cigarette paper between the Thurrock MP and the council leader. From the council leader’s perspective, there appears to be a yawning chasm.

There is a huge strength of feeling about this in Orsett, evidenced by over 300 people turning out for meeting at Orsett Hall. But of course, Orsett is not in Jackie’s constituency and last time we looked there were not many Corbynistas!

Cllr Kent has also pointed to the Thurrock MPs comments that Thurrock Council need to come up with strong evidence on air quality and congestion as an attempt to "put some form of blame the council’s way"

Has the MP changed her opinion?

In January, she wrote the following on on her Facebook page

"There is a very urgent need for new Thames crossing’s, but not again in Thurrock.

We need a number in order to reduce demand on the Dartford crossing.

While Free-Flow has provided much-needed relief, there remains the need for more crossing capacity. I support new crossings at Silvertown, at Gallions Reach and at Barking Riverside. I also support a new Lower Thames crossing at Canvey.

This would enable the creation of a new outer ring to complement the M25.

We can’t keep expanding the Dartford crossing. It will simply add further congestion to the A13 and the M25 and would require significant investment in Junction 30. I don’t want to see West Thurrock turned into Spaghetti Junction, or more destruction of our green belt.

"As for option C, it is a missed opportunity to build the new ring road which will inevitably be needed".

Is there any difference between what she has been saying before and now? Or is it the difference between an obscure MP on the backbench of the House of Commons and now, after the General Election of 2015, a government whip, on the first rung of the career ladder, toeing the line?

Let us know what you think?

YT has contacted Jackie Doyle-Price but has not received a reply at the time of publication.


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