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Now leader of Thurrock Council heaps pressure on Jackie Doyle-Price over new Dartford Crossing

THE leader of Thurrock Council has written to Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle-Price seeking more information about her claim that 90 per cent of local people want a new Thames crossing.

Cllr John Kent said: “I’m seeking some clarification about who was asked, exactly what were they asked and how many people responded.

“If asked whether I believe new crossings should be built, I say yes, but not in Thurrock. Transport for London is looking to build three new river crossings between the Blackwall Tunnel and Rainham – and I support all three.

“If asked whether a new crossing I needed to the east of London I would dispute it, but say if and when its need is proved it should be built east of Thurrock – we’ve done our bit.”

He added: “Back in November 2012, Thurrock Council unanimously agreed there should be no new crossing here and in the spring of 2013 we put adverts in two local papers and ran an online poll simultaneously.

“Over 610 people responded online and over two thirds voted for no new crossing in Thurrock and of the 210 newspaper forms returned, 82.4 per cent voted for no new crossing.

“There were also hundreds of local people who came to Orsett Hall and the Culver Centre in Ockendon where the local mood was overwhelmingly in favour of not having another Thames crossing and that the council – and the MPs – should continue to campaign against river crossings and their associated dual carriageways or motorways in Thurrock.”

Cllr Kent said: “We published our questions and we published our results, all I’m asking is for the MP to do the same.

“At present our position remains unchanged – no Option A as another crossing close to the present one will do nothing to alleviate congestion and pollution, especially when there’s a problem; and no Option C in whatever guise it is presented because that will mean destruction of our heritage sites and green belt as well as very probably increasing the potential for gridlock in Thurrock with some sort of horrendous pincer movement from east and west.

“Does Jackie Doyle-Price still agree?”


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