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Essex Police: Councillor shocked as told to report "suspicious activity" to the council.

This story was reported on our sister paper, We felt that it is relevant to Thurrock and may have repercussions to the quality of life of Thurrock residents.


A LEADING Harlow councillor has expressed outrage at being told by Essex Police to reports an act of suspicious activity to Harlow Council.

Cllr Nick Churchill (Cons) was in the Brockles Mead area on Friday afternoon (Nov 6th) when he saw two males acting suspiciously.

Cllr Churchill said: "They were very furtive. Looking around to see if anyone was watching them. It was difficult to assess whether they were going to break into somewhere or perhaps rob a person.

"I am not in the habit of ringing the police at the drop of a hat but I felt there was a genuine case for attendance.

"I rang 101 and made them aware of the circumstances. I was told that this was a matter for the council.

"I told her I was a councillor. I told her I was aware that she may say that if it was anti-social behaviour. I told her that this was a criminal matter."

Cllr Churchill added: "It was one thing to not send an officer out but another to indicate that the council are the persons to go to regarding possible criminal behaviour.

"What exactly is the Harlow council tax payer getting for their money? The police part of it has gone up twice in two years and all that seems to be happening is that we get less of a service.

"I will be taking this further because for the life of me, I would like to know what they think Harlow Council can do about suspicious behaviour."


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