Sunday, September 24, 2023

Conservative MEP praises PM David Cameron’s reform agenda

CONSERVATIVE MEP, Vicky Ford has praised the Prime Minister on his approach to negotiations with the European Union.

Mrs Ford said: "Conservative MEPs have already begun the reform agenda, cutting red tape and removing unnecessary rules, we are the driving force behind reforming the single market and all it entails."

"The choices that lay ahead are complex but at its heart must be our economic security, the status quo does not work for the UK especially as the Eurozone moves closer to political union.

"This is why a negotiation is needed. But before voting to leave the single market altogether we must ask ourselves if the other member states will allow the UK to pick and choose which business rules we want to obey, in what will then be their single market. Norway pays to access and trade with the single market but has to adopt all the rules without question."


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